About Me

I have several hobbies.  I love to sew.  I own a beautiful sewing machine and a serger.  Last year I finally turned the guest room into a sewing room. I like to make my own clothes and am working on some for my grandson.  It seems I like to collect patterns and go to estate sales to buy fabric. I guess this not uncommon for people who like to sew.  I am a member of Pattern Review, which is an excellent sewing site, and I post there quite often.

I am also addicted to reading sewing blogs. I really need to spend less time on that and more time sewing!

I also keep a Pinterest board with pins of my many interests.  One of the boards, the Pearbles Pinterest Board is a bit work to keep updated but I get a lot of positive feedback so I enjoy doing it.

I am sorely addicted to audio books.  I have been keeping a list since 2005 of audio books  I have listened to and it is extensive!  I usually listen to audio books when I a sewing.  It makes the ripping of stitches much more palatable.

I have three children.

 My oldest and her husband  live nearby in Rogers, MN.  They have one child – my first  grandson was born December 11, 2013.  I do day care for him  a couple times a week at their home.


My middle child lives in with his wife and newborn son in Singapore, Singapore. Their son was born  January 23rd at 8:35pm.  I am a grandma for the second time!!!!


My youngest child is going to graduate school in Bismarck in North Dakota.  She is enrolled  in Physical Therapy.

I love photography and am constantly look for new things to photograph.  I especially enjoy taking photos of my family.

I love editing photos I take of my first-born grandson. I use Photoshop Elements V12.  I create babytoons.

dance and computer3B  Elliot 2014-12-06 IMG_4322 I know whatDSCN4128 hurt feelingsDSCN3733 cryDSCN3634 downward dog1





I like to go bicycle riding.  I have ridden some long trips.  One of my favorite rides which I have done three or four times now is ta 43 mile ride to my Dad’s gravesite at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  It is beautiful ride because it goes through the Luce Line and around most of the Ground Round Lakes in Minneapolis. It seems I am very accident prone and have had several crashes, some quite serious.  If I have any this summer, the bike will be sold.

It seems this the hobby I spend the most time on and need to give up or at least spend less time on it is:
I like to sit on the couch and doing nothing at all except type on my computer!



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