More Monkey Bibs

I finished four more monkey bibs for my grandson.. He has seven now which is probably enough.  The pockets are all straight and even on the bibs.  For some reason I can’t seem to the bibs to photograph correctly.

DSC00083 bib Monkey ClubDSC00081 Bib feed me
Chris Tonne spent hours on the phone with teaching me how to digitize the monkey and how to use the 5D software. She loves teaching and doesn’t charge anything, but I sent her a donation for her help anyway. She is a fantastic teacher.  Her website has excellent tutorials
The Monkey Club bib has my grandson’s initials and birthdate on it.

DSC00085 bib bow tie DSC00084 Bib Letter E

The bib with the bowtie is my favorite.  I made three bowties before I got the monkeys placed right and figured out how to sew the bowtie so that I could turn the right sides out!

I used “Babyville” ribbon for the “E” applique. I am not all satisfied with how the applique turned out, but my grandson doesn’t seem to mind.

I used “Babyville” PUL fabric for the front of all the bibs and JoAnn’s proprietary flannel for the backs.  The bibs hold up wonderfully wash after wash!  My daughter loves the bibs because they are a great length/width for her 16-months-old son and they absorb liquids without getting soaked. Also, the PUL fabric doesn’t seem to stain easily.

I also learned that if you use a MicroTex Sharp needle and take it very slowly you can sew some pretty nice topstitching!

Sometimes I wish I could sell the bibs I make, but who would want to pay $18 for a bib?