The Monkey Shirt is Done!!!!

I finally finished my grandson’s “Monkey” shirt on February 21, 2015.  I  had a few days before I could deliver it to him.  He wore it for the first time on February 24.   I just didn’t get  around to posting it until now.

I really liked it when the Monkey Shirt after I finished it despite my mistakes. I had a lot of sewing techniques to “relearn.” I hadn’t done those things since I made my 35 year old son a little suit for a wedding. I had to relearn . . .
✔︎ How to sew collar bands and collars
✔︎ How to sew machine buttonholes
✔︎ How to sew on buttons. Can you believe I haven’t sewed a button on anything for a long time!
✔︎ How to set in sleeves
✔︎ And most of all PATIENCE!!

I think he looks adorable in the Monkey Shirt below.