The fantastic male model!

Elliot 2015-01-27 IMG_4967 bib
My grandson is modeling the monkey bib I made him.  I wonder, though, do you think he is a stuffed shirt?

I think he may have been tired of all the photos I have been taking of him. This was the best smile I could get out of him at lunch today.


2 thoughts on “The fantastic male model!

  1. Wow, I just stumbled across your blog and I cannot help but note how much your life is like mine!
    I sew, of course, and have experienced many of the trails and errors and success that you have written about.
    I don’t ride a bike, but, my hubby does.
    Even I, too have a grandson named “Elliott” who was born Nov. 5, 2011. And, I have another grandchild on the way with my son and his Chinese born wife who live in Toronto.
    I have sewn for him and I am now sewing for the expected one. This one is a girl, so I am knee deep in pink, which is a change from monkeys and monster trucks.
    I was drawn to the reproduction baby/layette patterns from Simplicity. I made some, but I feel that the styles are little unsuited to modern life.
    Just wanted to say, “Hey!”.


  2. Oh,yes, and I wanted to share with you the experience of having sewn for my own kids some years ago. I have a few of my sewn garments from that time and I am amazed at how well sewn they are! I forgot that I used to sew that well!
    I, too, have to review the basics of simple collars, cuffs, and the like anymore. You just really forget if you don’ t do these things on a continuing basis. My how things have changed! I miss those little sailor suits and peter pan collars.
    In this day of tshirts and jeans, those things just get left behind. Grandson has so many clothes that he has little use for me to make him things. I stick to the special things like his “puppy dog” pants that I make him.
    I make him these little pull on pants of thin piecing cottons and they have elastic around the ankles. I find variations of puppy dog prints on the fabric. I make them for him because he has such a drastic allergy to mosquito bites. He really suffers from them. This keeps the skeeters off of his legs and they are very lightweight.
    So, I just stick to special stuff.

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