I have busy with a lot of things lately, but I finally I had time to do some craft sewing.  I made bibs  for my Grandson’s first birthday. I brought them over to his house today.  I think his Mommy was a little impressed — my grandson not so much.  But he tried them on and he sure did look cute in them! (I suppose Grandma is biased.)

I learned a lot when I made these!  You can click on them to make them larger.


Monkey bibThis is made with PUL FABRIC.  (For description of PUL fabric click here.)  It is a simple bib as I wanted to learn how to sew with PUL Fabric. The fabric is not forgiving. Once the needle makes a hole the hole is there forever!  Placing the pattern on the fold doesn’t work . . . at least for me!  I had to make a full pattern piece and place the pattern on unfolded fabric. I also needed to use a very sharp needle! I changed the needle before sewing Bib 2



tie bib
After learning how to use PUL, I decided to make a pocket bib. I appliquéd the tie. Learning to appliqué on PUL fabric is interesting. There is no room for error because once the needle goes through the fabric you have a hole!  Appliqué makes many holes.  Time to be very careful!



see no evil bib

I made this bib from some old jeans of mine. I used a embroidery pattern from embroidery library. It is topstitched with jean thread.  I used a large needle with a large stitch length. Next time, after talking to others, I will lubricate the needle.

Well, now I off to sewing something else for my grandson.