Another Try on Another Pants Pattern — Burda 6982

final burdaI am going to attempt to sew Burda Pants Pattern 6982 for the Pattern Review contest which ends June 15.  There is a pretty good chance I won’t get them done it time.  No matter though, I will have a pair of pants!  If you click on the picture at the right you can see more details on what I will sew.

I traced the pattern out today. Everything was there and made sense. I will have to decide if I want to make view a or B. I really like them both. Tracing the pattern out was amazingly easy after I struggled so hard with ImageWear Pants Pattern #1002.

I will have to alter the crotch as I always do on pants patterns.  That will be very easy compared to how I struggled with it on the ImageWear pattern.

I am going to have to learn how to sew a fly front.  Thankfully I have friend who said she would help me if I run into problems.  I hope I can learn to do this. I don’t want to fail again.  Fortunately I do have another pants pattern that has a side zipper, but those pants are so boring.

Well, please wish me luck.  It seems I have spent so much time on making pants yet have nothing to show for it but perhaps I may be too hard on myself.  I threw out several pairs of pants I made because I didn’t think they looked very good on me.  (I’ve also been known to throw my RTW pants out after wearing them few times if I find them uncomfortable or decide they don’t look good on me. That gets expensive!! ) Now I see women wearing Ready-To-Pair pants that looked ten times worse on them than anything I made. I guess Don was right . . . there isn’t anything wrong with the pants I make . . . I am just too fussy and too much of perfectionist.

I’ll keep you posted!




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