ImageWear Pants Pattern #1002 is a Lot Harder Than I Expected.

I think tracing this pattern is most difficult tracing I have ever done. It was hard to find everything because everything is on top of everything else.    The blouse pattern pieces lines are on top/bottom of the pants pattern. I outlined the size I think I need in red on the pattern before I traced it.

It is very difficult to follow the lines for the size you want to cut out. Outlining the dart was miserable.

There is no line on the pattern for shortening the crotch so I will have to draw my own.  I hope I can figure out how to do it!

The leg piece of the pattern ends around the knee. You have to draft the rest of the piece yourself.

I thought I was missing two pieces. I contacted ImageWear. It turns out I have to draft the two pieces myself. Instructions for drafting the pieces is included with the pattern.

The back crotch length is really gradual. I know I will have to scoop that out. I will have to figure out how to add the amount taken off in the crotch to the hip.

The instructions are incredibly brief.  If I hadn’t made pants before I think I would be in trouble!

I love this pants pattern and would really like to sew it — even if I don’t get it done before the deadline. It is just so dang hard! I never expected I would have to draft pattern pieces.

Why do I seem to pick out the hardest things to work with or sew???? 




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