I Basted the Pants Together AND THEY FIT

I doubt I will make the contest deadline, but I will get those pants finished soon.

I basted everything together this afternoon and the pants fit! Don says they look good. I don’t know.

I ripped out the basting stitches and am going to sew the permanent seams now.

I will have to sew in the fly zipper. I never have done this so it will be a challenge. Then I have to sew the waistband on, hem the pants, do the hand sewing, give the pants one more press and Voila . . DONE! I will post photos once I have completed finished them.

Note: I did make numerous alterations to the original pattern before I began sewing to get them to fit. If I use this pattern again, I will do some fine tuning.

I think if I would lose some weight I would have easier time with sewing pants!


Another Try on Another Pants Pattern — Burda 6982

final burdaI am going to attempt to sew Burda Pants Pattern 6982 for the Pattern Review contest which ends June 15.  There is a pretty good chance I won’t get them done it time.  No matter though, I will have a pair of pants!  If you click on the picture at the right you can see more details on what I will sew.

I traced the pattern out today. Everything was there and made sense. I will have to decide if I want to make view a or B. I really like them both. Tracing the pattern out was amazingly easy after I struggled so hard with ImageWear Pants Pattern #1002.

I will have to alter the crotch as I always do on pants patterns.  That will be very easy compared to how I struggled with it on the ImageWear pattern.

I am going to have to learn how to sew a fly front.  Thankfully I have friend who said she would help me if I run into problems.  I hope I can learn to do this. I don’t want to fail again.  Fortunately I do have another pants pattern that has a side zipper, but those pants are so boring.

Well, please wish me luck.  It seems I have spent so much time on making pants yet have nothing to show for it but perhaps I may be too hard on myself.  I threw out several pairs of pants I made because I didn’t think they looked very good on me.  (I’ve also been known to throw my RTW pants out after wearing them few times if I find them uncomfortable or decide they don’t look good on me. That gets expensive!! ) Now I see women wearing Ready-To-Pair pants that looked ten times worse on them than anything I made. I guess Don was right . . . there isn’t anything wrong with the pants I make . . . I am just too fussy and too much of perfectionist.

I’ll keep you posted!



I Have Officially Given Up on Sewing ImageWear Pattern 1002 Pants

I can’t figure out to get the crotch straight, how to shorten it, and even if I have traced the pattern properly. I don’t understand how to draft/use the pattern pieces that are missing. The instructions are just too brief for my status as an advanced beginner. The again, maybe I should classify myself as a beginner.

This is a pattern for an extremely advanced seamstress who pretty much knows what to do without using pattern instructions and can alter patterns successfully.

ImageWear Pants Pattern #1002 is a Lot Harder Than I Expected.

I think tracing this pattern is most difficult tracing I have ever done. It was hard to find everything because everything is on top of everything else.    The blouse pattern pieces lines are on top/bottom of the pants pattern. I outlined the size I think I need in red on the pattern before I traced it.

It is very difficult to follow the lines for the size you want to cut out. Outlining the dart was miserable.

There is no line on the pattern for shortening the crotch so I will have to draw my own.  I hope I can figure out how to do it!

The leg piece of the pattern ends around the knee. You have to draft the rest of the piece yourself.

I thought I was missing two pieces. I contacted ImageWear. It turns out I have to draft the two pieces myself. Instructions for drafting the pieces is included with the pattern.

The back crotch length is really gradual. I know I will have to scoop that out. I will have to figure out how to add the amount taken off in the crotch to the hip.

The instructions are incredibly brief.  If I hadn’t made pants before I think I would be in trouble!

I love this pants pattern and would really like to sew it — even if I don’t get it done before the deadline. It is just so dang hard! I never expected I would have to draft pattern pieces.

Why do I seem to pick out the hardest things to work with or sew???? 



Will I Complete This Project Before the Contest Ends?

IW1002I was hoping to make the pants in this pattern for the Pattern Review Pants Contest. When I got ready to trace the pattern I discovered it was in Dutch!  I contacted the company and they quickly sent me an email with the translations.  It is the hardest pattern I have ever traced. In the middle of tracing the pattern I discovered I couldn’t find three of the pattern pieces.  I emailed the ImageWear on Sunday, June 1, 2014 asking them about it but as of this posting have not had a reply.  In the past their customer service has been fantastic.

06/04/2014 Update regarding my ImageWear Pattern Questions:     
I wanted to let everyone know that ImageWear replied to my question today.  Had I looked more carefully at the instructions I may have been able to figure it out.

The deadline for the contest is June 15 so I am running out of time.  I have decided if I can’t make the pattern  above I may try to do sew this one:

Burda 2938

The Burda pattern is much easier to sew, but I like the details on the ImageWear pattern.

Well, here’s hoping I actually get one pair of pants completed before the contest deadline.    

Remember, I am only trying to make the pants.  I haven’t had much luck sewing pants in the past , but that was with a different style pattern that I found impossible to work with!