Wow, I Really Did Get a Deal on Fabric at the Estate Sale!

I washed and folded all the fabric I bought for $10 at the estate sale. I entered all the fabric into a spreadsheet. I plan to do that with the rest of my stash, but not right now. I need to start sewing.

I created a spreadsheet to record what I bought at the Estate Sale I went to last week.

My total yardage purchase . . . 47-1/3 yards! My spreadsheet has 18 rows — that is 18 different fabrics! Over two thirds of it between 54 – 60 inches wide. And for $10!

not a care in the world1
There is quite a bit of fabric that I really like that I am going to attempt to sew wearable muslins out of! I can’t see buying anymore fabric to make a muslin!

I am teaching myself how to sew knits. It looks I picked out a lot of good quality T-shirt fabric. And I have a lot of T-shirt patterns. I mean, how can you pass up buying patterns at 3/$1?

I am SEW happy!   But I don’t even dare look at any estate sale signs on the road!

(My sewing, though, has taken a back seat to my photography regarding my grandson/family. He will be six months old next week. My daughter told me that my photos far surpass what they received from the profession studio!)


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