I Picked Up My Bodice Sloper Pattern This Afternoon

I did it1I picked up my bodice pattern today. It is very detailed. When I look at the pattern I can see all the areas that I have so much trouble with and how she created the pattern to address them. And it’s all done with MY measurements.

I plan to sew the up the bodice sloper this weekend — unless my bicycle gets lonely and must be ridden. I will post the sewn sloper when I am done! I am pretty excited to see how it works out! Then I go for my first bodice fitting.  She will make adjustments and I will sew the bodice again, and go for a second fitting.  Hopefully that will be it, but I can always go for more fittings.

The fee I paid for this adventure is well worth it. The fee includes

  • Designing and creating bodice sloper pattern
  • Fitting the bodice pattern to me as many times as I need. (I hope not too many, it’s a congested traffic ride to her house.)
  • Instructions how to use the sloper on commercial patterns.
  •  All of the above minus my frustration with getting the bodice on a commercial pattern to fit correctly.



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