S R Harris — What a Place!

After taking care of my grandson today I stopped at “S R HAR IS, INC” on my way home. The third “R” is missing on their sign on the outside of the building. Fortunately (hmm or unfortunately) I went into the correct building . . . like I don’t know what building “S R Harris” is in.


This place overwhelms me, but I found some denim. I bought 2 yards. It is 54″ wide. Of course the bolt just had to be on the bottom of the pile. Ugh. I couldn’t find anyone to help me get it out of the pile of bolts so I had to remove 9 bolts before I could get to it. It wasn’t the denim I would have bought from fabric.com, but I decided it would work for me — especially at that price! I am making my grandson some coveralls and me an apron.

I also bought 1-1/2 yards of some kind of drapey fabric for a blouse muslin. This bolt was only two bolts down! YAY!!

My total bill . . . a whopping . . . $16.73.

You can’t really go to “S R Harris” and only spend an hour and a half. You need a lot more time than that. Of course, that time constraint probably limited my spending.

It’s frustrating for me . . . Joann’s and S R Harris are right on my way from my daughter’s. So every Tuesday after I take care of my grandson, I have to deal with this awful resistance to stop at those stores! 


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