My Sewing Room

I’ve been so frustrated with my sewing lately that I took a break and organized my sewing room. I took pictures when I was done and thought I would show off my sewing room.

I have my cat, Cougar, to thank for my dedicated sewing room. In its previous life the room was a guest room. Don replaced the regular litter box in the laundry room with one of those newfangled Litter-Maid cat litter boxes.  Cougar did not like the new litter box and Cougar decided to use the guest room to do his stuff. When I discovered it, I couldn’t get the smell out of the carpet. We gave the bedroom furniture to Don’s granddaughter, laid new carpeting in the room, and voila — I now have a sewing room!

Click on thumbnails to enlarge

sewingRoomSE SewingRoomN SewingRoomE

And what is a sewing room without a closet dedicated to a fabric stash?  

The fabric in the lower plastic bin, plus the checkered fabric on top, is part of the $10 Estate Sale Score I made last winter — and that included the bin! There had to have been a minimum of 125 yards of fabric in that plastic bin.  I probably have used about 1/3 of fabrics making test garments.  The fabric in and on the top bin was either given to me or I purchased.


3 thoughts on “My Sewing Room

  1. That’s funny about the cat! He just wanted to help you have a sewing room 🙂

    We had a flood in our basement and I’ve had to redo my sewing room – one day I hope to have it done and put pictures up. I’m all obsessed with organization but am not too good at it. I have realized that I am a hoarder… so much fabric and “what if I need this” or “I may make this one day” kind of stuff.

    Either way – looking good 🙂

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