Revisiting Perfectionism

On December 17, 2013 I posted regarding Perfectionism. I have really thought about that post  a lot in the last couple months.  This post is a follow up to that. 

I still am stuck on wanting everything I sew to be perfect, but am thinking maybe I shouldn’t be so fussy.  I am a great fan of  Many people write fantastic reviews for the pattern they used to make beautiful garments. They also model what they made.  Most of the reviewers are pleased of what they made and how it looks on them.  

As well as admiring the fantastic talent and incredibly beautiful garments,  I always look to see how the garment fits. On the garments that are modeled I often see indications of fitting issues that I seem to have.  Yet, the model Is comfortable with how it looks on her/him.  I am not sure I could wear a garment had those fitting issues. But then, am I being too fussy?

Someone  reviewed a pattern and posted a photo of herself wearing a garment she made. The garment, in my opinion, was too big in various places,  and didn’t fit correctly in other places. Yet, she was very was happy with the garment she had made.  I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing something like that.

I recently visited a website where someone had made jeans.  I wouldn’t even buy jeans that fit like the model’s, let alone make them. Yet the person is happy with how they look and fit.   

I often notice on the pattern envelopes from the “Big Four” companies that the models wearing the garments have fitting issues that should have been corrected.

I don’t like when the fabric pulls horizontally or vertically in places it shouldn’t. I don’t like v-necks that don’t lie flat. I don’t like shoulder seams that are not in the correct place. I don’t like drag lines, “smiles” or frowns” on pants. So I spend countless hours altering a pattern, creating a test garment, don’t like the way it fits, take it apart, alter it again, sew it back together again, and repeat the process.  Often, I get frustrated and sometimes  wind up with nothing.  

I’ve been sewing on a test pair of culottes.   I have taken them apart and sewed them back together so many times I have lost count. Tomorrow I will finish the waistband and hem them. I must say except for a few things I will change on the next pair I make, that these do fit wonderfully.  But it took forever to get them to fit this way.  Thank goodness I wrote down what I changed and the measurement of the change.   I would be nice to have someone help me with fitting, but because I don’t, I have to use what I call the “guess and alter” method.

Perhaps I need to be less critical of myself and enjoy what I make. Am I being too hard on myself?Capture Should I accept that I am going to sew and wear garments that, in my opinion, do not fit correctly? The only problem I have with that is that if I am going to sew something that looks like the way RTW fits me, why sew at all?


One thought on “Revisiting Perfectionism

  1. I just found you blog via a post on SG. I’m right there with you on fit. O barely comment on SG – am astounded at what folks post AND they’re very happy with the fit. Must be something wrong with you and me.:-)
    Marciae from sg

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