I Got a Darn Thing Done Today

Don’s jeans had  to be fixed!  I taught myself how to use the darning stitch on the sewing machine.
However I did have a few other minor problems.

I didn’t wind the bobbin correctly. Of course the thread  on the underside (bobbin side) of the fabric got all knotted up and I had to fix that. I taught myself how to remove and reinstall the throat plate and the bobbin case.

Then the needle broke. You can’t use regular needles for sewing certain types of jeans. I inserted a “jeans” needle.

thumbs upSo here is the final result:  (Note:  I “PhotoShopped” (highlighted)  the darning stitches on the jeans to make them stand out. The thread is the same color on the jeans.)


The red line points to the darning. The black arrow points to where I had to sew the loop to the jeans.  (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo)

outsideofjeans1 inside of jeans1

Don was impressed. He said, “THANK YOU”! and “I really appreciate what you did.”