Dear JoAnn F

I think our friendship is over. You are too much of an enabler. Every six weeks or sew you mail me a little booklet with all kinds of sewing things you think I need. I know you do this to get to come and see you, but I am getting tired of this kind of friendship.

Your enabling is very detrimental in my life.  I spend way too much money on you, even when I have other things I should buy.  None of my other friends seem to ask me to continually spend money on them.

Since our friendship began I have had to find all kinds of storage for fabric purchased with your 40% of coupon. I know that friends often tell friends where you can get the best deal so, as my friend,  you send me those coupons.  I know you were trying to save me money, but now I wonder if it was more a bribe so I would come and spend time with you. I am not so sure I want to remain friends with someone who resorts to bribing people!

I also think you trying to “pattern” my life. After all, I have so many patterns I bought since you and I have been friends.  Once again you sent me something in mail saying I could get a good deal because the patterns were like $1 to $4.99 for Vogue. I did buy many patterns thanks to your encouragement and now all those patterns are in a box in the closet. I take them out to look at them and dream about making garments using the pattern, but must abstain from buying anymore. This is true with fabrics as well.  If we continue our friendship abstinence may be hard to do, especially because you are very good enabler.

Even though you send me a personally addressed little booklet in the mail every six weeks or so, you also insert a flyer in the Sunday paper occasionally.  Everyone who gets a Sunday paper gets the flyer.  So, I guess I am not as special a friend to you as I thought.

I may think about renewing our friendship in the future. I am sure you will still be around. Until then I will just look at and use the souvenirs purchased when you and I were friends.


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