I Must be Able to Sew Somehow. I Found Proof!

The photos are from long time ago. At least 25 years ago. I knew I used to sew pretty well and I thought I had photos to show for it.  (I think maybe all this saving the photos on the computer isn’t so good. I never would have found these if I had to look through 25 years of photos on my computer! There were so easy to find in the photo albums. I think I may start printing out photos again!)

dress front_edited-1I saved the pink dress hoping one of my children would have a girl back with flip it_edited-2child. It hasn’t happened.  The dress was sewn on my old Super Elna. There was no computerization at all. I had to do everything on a sewing machine that only used cams. I remember the button holes were impossible, but I did them.  My sister, whose husband owns a textile company gave me the fabric. There wasn’t enough to make the entire dress one color which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I love the two tone colors. I remember the underskirt (see back of dress photo) was not in the pattern; I ribbon & Ipiing_edited-1added it to give the skirt part some body. I think the lace on the ruffles was my addition as well as the white lace with the ribbon through it.   I added the piping as well. You can see the piping and the ribbon in the picture.

I also made the purple dress and houndstooth suit my daughtertwo_edited-1 and son wore to a wedding. I just loved the little suit on him. Once again, these were made on my Super Elna. No computerization for me!!!! And no automatic buttonholer or extra zipper foot help either!

angelAnd last but not least, I volunteered to make the Angel customs for one of the children’s Christmas Pageants.  If I remember correctly, it was done without a pattern but was quite easy to sew. I think it involved making some kind of diamond/square/rectangle shape, adding a neckline and opening, facing it with bias and then finishing the edges. Of course, the bow is just paper. The kids made them.

Well, even if I can’t seem to accomplish anything now at least I know at one time I was an advanced seamstress.  Unfortunately I sold my Super Elna this spring when my partner bought the Viking Ruby Deluxe.  Maybe I just can’t sew on such a fancy machine.

I feel so good after writing this tonight. profile_pic


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