Being a Perfectionist

As mentioned before I have returned to sewing after a 25-year hiatus..  I was pretty excited  until I figured out that it is going to be difficult for me to be satisfied with any garment I have sewn unless it is perfect.   I know this is an impossible task. RTW is never perfect either.

I want my finished garment to fit me perfectly. The seams must be sewn straight. The seams must match if the fabric requires it.  Zippers must be sewn in absolutely straight. Facings cannot show. Linings must never show. All seams should have a professional finish. Topstitching should be even. Buttonholes must be evenly placed and the placed correctly from the edge of the fabric. Hems must be even when required. Elastic is forbidden  to roll over in skirt/pants waistbands.  The fabric type and color must reflect what the finished garment should look like.  I am sure there quite a few more I will chance upon as my sewing journey continues.  I could be so happy with any sewing project if I could meet all my ridiculous rules.  I really want to sew so I must be lenient with my rules if I am really going to do!

I also can’t seem to start a new project until the previous one is finished.  I am making my fourth muslin for a pair of pants as described in my previous posts. Every time a make a small change it seems to affect everything else. I am now  incorporating  all the alterations I have made and sewing out the new muslin. I think I may be getting over this perfectionist thing now because I have decided if  the pants might not fit perfectly or have some flaws when they are finished, I will accept it. I am tired of spending so much time on this project . There are too many other things to I want to make.

I want to make a Boppie Pillow cover for  my first grandchild born on December 11.  I want to make some new skirts and tops. I want to make some pants. I want to make bibs. I do have a lot of wants. Let’s hop e I can start the new year by getting to work on them!


One thought on “Being a Perfectionist

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Funny thing is – usually we are the only ones who can “see” our errors as we made the errors in the first place. No one else can see them but they are glaringly obvious to us.. I am trying to be a little more lenient on my creations.

    Good luck and give yourself a bit of a break.

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