I am going to sew again!

Yep, I sew. Well I am trying to sew. . . . . . I started again after a 25 year hiatus. I just didn’t think it would be so long.   Seeing as I am no longer employed, that day has come. My Significant Other (SO) bought a new sewing machine3 machines – A Viking Ruby Diamond. He likes to embroider. I didn’t have much choice except to learn how to use it, did I? I also have a 910 Viking Serger and a Viking 990 Sewing Machine. Apparently I must like Viking products
In November I made a skirt muslin (trial garment). The skirt, with a few pattern alterations fit fantastically.  Too bad it looked so ugly on me!  Thank goodness I made a trial skirt before I actually used good fabric!

I am currently taking Sandra Betzina’s Pants Fitting Techniques on IMG_0777 (2)Craftsy. . Even after I sewed out the third trial pair, the pants are still giving me “fits”! (pun intended) Hopefully if I keep trying to understand the videos and Sandra answers my questions. I may be able to get the umpteenth pants muslin to fit. Then I can make a fantastic pair of pants and start working on the tops, skirts and dresses I want to make. But I do “sew” want a pair of excellent fitting pants, slacks, trousers or whatever they will be called when I do finish them.


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